cocos2dx c++ 帮助

大家好,任何人都可以帮助我了解 cocos2dx 的未来。因为我们仍在努力。由于 c++,我们在 cocos2dx 中启动了新项目。我们逐渐计划切换创建者,但旧的所有项目仍在 cocos2dx 中。

use cocos creator, cocos2dx is abadoned :innocent:, if you really like c++, use unreal4


是个外国人吧,这中文浓浓的谷歌翻译的味道 :rofl:



谢谢大家,是的,我正在使用翻译器与你们协调。因为在英文论坛我没有得到解决方案,但在中文论坛我会得到解决方案。所以只有一个问题我可以继续使用 cocos2dx 吗?以及我们将在 cocos creator 中启动的新项目?

you can speak english ,it is difficult to understand the result of translation software.
if your project not to large,you can use cocoscreator.

@843805986 thanks but as far as i know they not allowing me to speak english here in Chinese forum . they expect for i should have to post my problems in english cocos forum. but seriously in english forum no one replaying and no one care for your problems(because they dont know answer here i am not blaming any one) but here i seen so many answers are there for only one problems. so please understand me guys. and my current multiplayer game project already started in cocos2dx 3.17.2. so need support of you guys. thanks all of you for your kind response and support.

@843805986 谢谢,但据我所知,他们不允许我在中文论坛上说英语。他们期望我应该在英语 cocos 论坛上发布我的问题。但是在英语论坛上,没有人重播,也没有人关心你的问题(因为他们不知道这里的答案,我不怪任何人)但在这里我看到这么多答案只针对一个问题。所以请大家理解我。而我目前的多人游戏项目已经在 cocos2dx 3.17.2 开始了。所以需要你们的支持。感谢大家的友好回应和支持。

so what is the problem you need help。

id: 哥是中国人



@3401134677 @994344450 first of all thanks for your replay. right now, i am not looking for any help i just curious about cocos2dx future. so i have asked above question. please all do continue to help cocos2dx developer.

@3401134677 @994344450 首先感谢您的重播。现在,我不是在寻求任何帮助,我只是对 cocos2dx 的未来感到好奇。所以我问了上面的问题。请大家继续帮助 cocos2dx 开发者。

Hi GT, you can always use English in this forum. This does not against our rules. But you may be able to get more help if you use Chinese.

We have a small team dedicated to the maintenance of the English forum. One of our PM Andy also helps solve problems from time to time. You can also join our discord via . You are also welcome to communicate with us in both forums.

I can’t give a rigorous answer to your original question. But as far as I know we don’t have any follow-up maintenance plans for now. So it is recommended that you do not continue to use Cocos2d-x in any new projects.


I saw no real issue here but some pigeon English

@jare thank you for your understanding and giving us a chance to ask the question on such a good platform (cocos forum). you are right in the Chinese language we will get more answers. That’s why I’m here and I’m thankful to all the Chinese developers who are seriously helping me in my issue and hope they continue to help.

Now, as far as concerns related to cocos2dx @jare we have already started working on it and our big multiplayer game will be in cocos2dx so please support us as much as possible from your side. Yes, for the next game we definitely consider cocos creator for our every game. Currently we have already made a custom prototype for game functionality in c++. we only stuck to managing the same position of ui and sprite object in all devices.


My suggestion is keepping historical legacy games on cocos2d-x, but consider Cocos Creator for all new projects. After all, by using Cocos Creator you can get a free WYSIWYG editor to speed up your development workflow, and the engine team has fixed tons of bug & adapted lots of new devices in these years, after cocos2d-x 4.0 which was released at Dec.2019 that is 3y ago.

I also apologize for the inactivity of our English forum, maybe I should spend more time on it.


cocos 国际化的锅就在你这里了 :rofl:


Cocos 的所有锅碗瓢盆都我背着的,LOL。