after deleted some resource hot update failed

  • Creator version: 2.4.10

  • Target platform: Android ( xiaomi note 9 pro )

  • How to reproduce:

  1. make a scene
  2. deploy app to android
  3. edit the scene and delete some node , some resource + edit
  4. build , pack ,
  5. open the app , update okie , first time run okie , but kill the app and reopen spawn errrors :

Read file failed: path: assets/main/import/19/19008af3f.json Error: Read file failed: path: assets/main/import/19/19008af3f.json
at Object.readFile (jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3145:13)
at readJson (jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3171:13)
at parseJson (jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3468:3)
at download (jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3354:5)
at downloadJson (jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3480:3)
at invoke (src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10228:15)
at process (src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10238:15)
at Object.retry (src/cocos2d-jsb.js:11842:9)
at src/cocos2d-jsb.js:11845:19
at fireTimeout (jsb-adapter/jsb-builtin.js:2195:19)
(anonymous) @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10498
finale @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10257
(anonymous) @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:11844
(anonymous) @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10234
(anonymous) @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3183
readFile @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3149
readJson @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3171
parseJson @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3468
download @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3354
downloadJson @ jsb-adapter/jsb-engine.js:3480
invoke @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10228
process @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:10238
retry @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:11842
(anonymous) @ src/cocos2d-jsb.js:11845
fireTimeout @ jsb-adapter/jsb-builtin.js:2195
tick @ jsb-adapter/jsb-builtin.js:2152
src/cocos2d-jsb.js:5610 Failed to preload ‘Lobby’, Read file failed: path: assets/main/import/19/19008af3f.json

Is the upper heat transfer more resource covered by the upload? If it is an overwrite upload, the overwritten file format may change, so check to see if the remote file format is the correct JSON format

thanks for response me , I found out that when we call method : jsb.fileUtils.setSearchPaths , after restart search path do not update automatically , so I forced update ( and restart game ) , it worked , Is this a bug ???